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A Scandalous You!


You nasty, trifling, skanky girls! This is to all the ladies who find it amusing to try and hook up with someone else’s man. Relationships are not a game, and should not be taken lightly. This is for anyone of you who go out and try to destroy relationships speaks volumes of your character.


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Insecurity is not flattering

Women who play with emotions are them who are emotionally damaged. Do not think for one second you are proving a point, saving another woman, or helping out in anyway. You do this on purpose for your own selfish reasons. I can understand when a lady is kept in the dark and had no idea the man she was dating was already taken. I’m not talking about that! I am talking about those women who are so unhappy they have no problem making someone else miserable. I normally do not go for insecurity; however, something needs to be said for this topic. Remember insecurity is not a flattering look on you so maybe you should look within and question why you are doing this.

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Both of you are guilty…

Guys you are just as much to blame as the ladies! If you are taken and interact with someone else other than your significant other, then you are guilty. Guilty of cheating even if no physical contact was involved. Emotional connection or inappropriate communication has forgone a bond between you and your partner. Be a man and protect your lady from hurtful people like this! If you truly love her, most important do not qualify, make up excuses, or point the finger. Instead take responsibility for your actions.





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You’re not helping!

Do not reach out to the man’s girlfriend and act like you are helping her out, you know you are not helping anything. Deliberate pain is a form of emotional abuse that you are inflicting on a total, unexpected, unprovoked bystander. The amazing thing of it all is that you even try to justify your actions by qualifying your behavior. Nothing you say is helpful! Let’s get that straight! Instead what happened is you got shot down, and with some incriminating evidence you “help” the other girl out! You are not helping, but instead you are just as bad as the man who kept that interaction going. The crazy thing is those inflictions stem from whatever it was that happened to you. The question is… Who hurt you? No one should be hurt so badly they want to repay the favor. I heard a lady say “he’s not married!” That might be true, but it is NOT your place to decided where the relationship is headed. This is important to know that you will always be disrespected by the guys you date, and no man wants to settle down with someone who cannot calm down.

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Relationships are not a game

Ladies this puts you in a viscous cycle of dating someone who is taken, and never having a fulfilling relationships. Stop saying shady comments like “he’s not married”, “is he wearing a ring”, “I’m doing you the favor that he is a bad guy”, etc. We all want what we cannot have, that allure and curiosity that entices us, because of the intriguing nature. It is important to remember that relationships are not a game, and the games that are played can seriously hurt someone. Intentional behavior means it is done purpose and/or deliberately. That means you are intently hurting someone and even possibly multiple people for your enjoyment. That is not okay! Identify those problematic areas, and do what is necessary to improve them so you may have a happy and successful relationship. How would you feel if you found the love of your life was playing with someone like you had once done? What goes around comes around.



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